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How much will I get from Social Security?

By Beth Henary Watson

Social Security benefits form a central piece of most Americans’ retirement income plans. If you aren’t sure what your benefits may look like, the easiest way to find out is to set up a My Social Security Account at

What can you do with a My Social Security Account? For starters you can get benefit estimates for your full retirement age, early retirement, or a custom retirement age (as long as it’s over 62). Expecting a substantial pay bump? Factor that in and see how your benefits may change.

You can also review your earnings record for accuracy, as well as download and print a full statement identical to those that used to be mailed.

For the average person, Social Security replaces 40 percent of earnings.  From a financial planning perspective it’s important to know how much monthly income this program will provide for your retirement.

To establish a My Social Security Account, simply go to You’ll need to verify some details about yourself, as well as have a valid email address, Social Security Number, and mailing address.


Important information for workers and/or spouses who ever had jobs that did not pay in to the Social Security program:

Windfall Elimination Provision

Government Pension Offset