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Battered, but still standing

Forces outside our control can give our plans a beating, but let’s make sure we stay on track.

By John R. Berry

Here at the office we get a lot of questions about how we came up with the name “Corner Post Financial Planning.” Well, it has to do with an oak tree that’s been used as a fence post on my family’s property for decades.

It’s neat to think that since at least the time of my great-grandfather, that big, thick, solid tree has served as a corner post. I remember walking past it on the way to my favorite fishing hole as a kid.

But just because it’s been there a long time doesn’t mean it won’t need work from time to time. In fact, late this summer I happened by my corner post tree and noticed it needed quite a bit of attention. One of the heavier storms we had battered it quite a bit: branches were down, and substantial pruning was in order.

Unfortunately the work has been delayed due to the onslaught of allergy season. I’ve put off cleaning up the damage from the storm because I don’t want to feel any worse than I already do.

You know, 2020 has been quite a storm itself. Some of our clients’ lives and plans—and a few portfolios—have been battered. Maybe some maintenance is in order!

If you haven’t done so already, is it time to give your financial situation a little attention? There is no reason to feel bad if you haven’t tended to it already. We’ve all been busy! Headed into the end of the year is the perfect time.

As the storm did with my corner post tree, this year may have shaken us a bit, but we are blessed to have survived. I hope we’re all on the road to thriving again.

If you need help thinking through your situation, or just need a set of ears to bounce an idea off of, please give us a call.