Retirement and financial planning

So you want to retire?

We work with clients for whom “voluntary unemployment” (a.k.a. retirement) is on the horizon.

You may be at work wondering how long you’ll be able to “keep going.” You may not hate your job. It’s that future health or care-giving worries hum in the back of your mind. You want to see more of the world and/or your family than 4 weeks of vacation allows.

You are probably–give or take–between the ages of 45 and 64, and the idea of not having to work forever is very appealing.

Welcome to Corner Post Financial Planning. We see you, and we’re here to help. Most of our clients start with our firm anywhere from their late 40s to their  late 50s, when age 65 all of a sudden doesn’t seem so far away.

Yes, we take clients outside this age range, both older and younger. But around the age of 50 is when retirement starts to loom large. The kids are out of the house (or close). You’re probably far along the path of paying off your home, and your lifestyle preferences and habits are well established.

In this phase of life many people start paying attention to their finances–like really paying attention–for the first time. Perhaps you’ve done some things right, like contributing to your retirement plans faithfully. Maybe you have a solid budget and are on top of your spending.

But you need a plan in place to help ensure your investments match up with your goals. Are you saving enough? How comfortable are you with tradeoffs between risk and potential rewards? Our clients need flexible strategies to give themselves the best chance at a secure retirement.

For clients who have already transitioned into retirement, we monitor their income, investment, and withdrawal strategies to ensure that they don’t veer dangerously off course.

If you’re wondering if you’re on track for retirement, or if retirement’s right around the corner, please schedule a FREE 30-minute Clarity Call with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM professional.

With each Clarity Call, we aim to provide you with lasting value, and we'll each have a chance to see if working together on an ongoing basis might be a good fit.