Financial Planning Programs

"A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow."

General George S. Patton

Financial Planning is a collaborative process where the advisor and client, together, develop a plan for the client’s most important goals. Objectives can be common—such as retirement—or unique, such as launching your dream business.

Even if your goals seem ordinary, though, such as a nice retirement at age 65 with a big vacation every two years, we don’t use a one-size-fits-all map or app to show you how to work toward your plans. There isn’t one. Each plan we develop is highly personal, built around your specific situation. Your income and expenses, your plans, hopes, and fears, are not anyone else’s.

Plans change, too! A financial plan is a living document. You may get a buyout offer, or decide to go back to work after “retiring.” A loved one’s health concern may become a necessary priority.

When appropriate, our planning process results in actionable steps and important information that we explain in plain English. A few examples of concrete recommendations and observations include:

  • It looks like the goal of fully funding in-state college tuition for two children will fall short at the current savings rate.

  • The plan shows that the couple should be able to retire at 55 and 53, respectively, but we recommend foregoing a second home if the couple retires before age 60.

  • The clients should begin contributing the maximum to their retirement accounts immediately.

  • The client can choose to start saving $3,000 per year extra now or $10,000 extra per year in 8 years to achieve what our program shows will be roughly the same result.

  • Clients should moderately increase their exposure to equities in their portfolio to increase their chance of keeping up with inflation and meeting the goal of retiring in 11 years.

  • The life insurance policy premiums appear to be too high for the coverage given.

  • With the proposed level of spending and the proposed savings rate, the couple appears to be on track for their goal of retirement at age 62.

We offer Flat Fee Financial Planning services, where we guide you through a goal-setting and data-gathering process and and produce a written document outlining action steps toward your goals.

Not every case requires a full financial plan, though, so we also offer Hourly Consulting Services to address your individual needs.

All financial planning programs are based on a rate of $225 per hour.

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"A goal without a plan is just a wish."
Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

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