Here are answers to frequently asked questions about doing business with us.

What should I expect of Corner Post Financial Planning?
You should expect us to inquire about your life goals as well as all the facts of your financial situation, including investments, savings and spending, insurance, income, debt, and other obligations. This is uncomfortable for some individuals, but the best way to make recommendations for you is to get to know you as an individual or family.  Therefore, we believe in a consultative approach where we talk about your goals and your lifestyle, developing and maintaining a strong relationship through consistent communication.

We follow market trends to stay abreast of how what's going on in the world at large might impact your hard-earned savings. We proactively communicate through regular one on one meetings scheduled at a time of your convenience, as well as through weekly financial articles and quarterly newsletters.

Corner Post Financial Planning is commited to outstanding service for each client. The world of investing, retirement planning, and insurance can be complex. It's our job to help you devise and navigate your financial plan using the tools at our disposal.


What does Corner Post Financial Planning expect from me?
Given that we will inquire about your goals and financial situation, it is important for you to share all the requested information with us. This information is confidential and we will only use it within our team to devise strategies to help you pursue your goals.

Timely communication is important to us. We respond to all client contacts within one business day and expect that clients will respond promptly to our calls and other relevant communications as well.

All clients are invited to review their accounts and financial status with their advisor a minimum of once per year, and we urge you to take advantage of that invitation.


How do I pay for your services?
Corner Post Financial Planning charges an hourly rate of $225 for comprehensive retirement plans, financial plans, estate planning services, and certain other projects. If you wish to engage us for a project we charge for the scope of work.

For asset management, we charge a percentage of those assets, with that percentage going down the more you invest. Asset management fees range from .5% to 2%. Certain vendors and custodians may also charge fees.

We also earn commissions on products including insurance and certain investment products.

Corner Post Financial Planning will always make clear to you the manner in which our compensation is earned.

*Certain services may be subject to additional terms, conditions and fees pursuant to a separate Consulting Services Agreement.


Am I saving enough for retirement?
Here the solution involves a complete retirement plan, including savings and retirement income analysis and spending projections. Client-specific recommendations are designed to help improve your retirement preparedness.


How can I preserve what I've worked hard to save?
Possible Solutions: We assess your unique situation and may make needs-based recommendations for insurance, including life, long term care, and disability. We also use multiple sources of independent research to recommend appropriate investments, including dividend-paying stocks as well as corporate and municipal bonds.  


What products and accounts do you use in your work as an investment management and financial services firm?
Company retirement plans like 401(k)s and Simple IRAs, individual retirement accounts (IRAs), individual stocks and bonds, mutual funds, insurance, annuities, college savings plans, and alternative investments.