Investment Management

About our Investment Management Services

Investment advice and management is one of our most commonly requested services. Here at Corner Post Financial Planning, we have access to an array of money managers that use diverse approaches. It is our job to select the money manager or blend of strategists that best meet your needs and monitor how those perform to help you pursue your goals.

Our firm is goals based, meaning that we manage your money to help you pursue your life goals. 

Because we manage your money to help you pursue your goals, we require new clients to engage in a financial planning process. This upfront fact-finding and analysis establishes realistic goals for your situation and helps determine whether our investment management services are appropriate.

Our experience is that clients who walk through the planning process gain a greater awareness of the role that investments play in their financial lives, as well as understanding of any risk/reward tradeoffs necessary to pursue their goals.

Many individuals want their money to grow without any risk or volatility. This is unrealistic. As a part of our retirement and comprehensive packages, we assess your personal comfort level with various types of investing, which helps gauge your tolerance for portfolio volatility. (Try our tool here for free!)

The cost of the initial financial planning process is separate from investment management services, and ongoing planning services for clients with less than $500,000 in assets managed by our firm will incur additional planning fees.

You may review our Financial Planning Packages here, or reach out to Beth Watson, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERTM, for help in determining which package meets your needs (select virtual or phone introduction).